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Hello and welcome to our humble website. We are a bunch of home decoration enthusiasts, trying to help people. When you have the knowledge of some subject, the most humble thing you can do is share the knowledge with others for free. Well, we would love to share some ideas, tips and tricks with you. Why? Well, let’s say just because we can and we love to help.


KW1 Home Improvement Ideas

Home improvement

Improving the home is a process that starts long before you decide to renovate. Usually, the process starts spontaneously. You see something in a newspaper, on the internet, outside on the sun, and you think, I can implement this at my home. Yes, you can. But once you get the idea, you need to do the analysis. How to implement it, when to implement it? How much will it cost? Can you do it by yourself, or do you need help?


When to redo your home

While there is no general rule when it is the best time to renovate the home, it is important that the weather suits you. For example, you cannot paint your house during winter. You can actually, but the paint won’t dry as well as it dries in the summer. But the best time for renovation, at least according to experience, is late spring and early autumn. This is the time when the weather is best. Hot, but not too hot, and not too cold. Handymen and other experts you need are still not in their full season busy schedule, meaning they can take their time and work according to your needs. Try hiring someone during his busy season, and you’ll be sorry. He/she will probably try to rush it, since he/she has other projects do to.

How expensive is home renovation?

One of the biggest myths about home renovation is that it is extremely costly process. Well, yes if you intend to redo everything and start from scratch. As you are sure to find out here, there are many budget ways you can improve the outlook of your bedroom, bathroom, or any other room in your home. Yes, motivational leaders say think BIG, but the reality is, every little and simple change contributes to the BIG picture. Therefore, when it comes to renovating, decorating and improving the overall look of your home, go for small, subtle ways.

Before you start the project, you need to consider how big is your budget, and the value of the renovation. Some things are more valued than others. For example, redoing the tiles in the bathroom adds value and improves the overall look of your bathroom, but it is one of the most expensive tasks. Once you start from scratch, you can improve everything, but do you really need to do it? Some other small tricks can add tremendous value to the improvement of your home. For example, a wall decal in the bedroom completely changes the look of the room. A wall decal is probably the cheapest way to mix things up. In the bathroom, just switching the faucets can be a BIG thing. Faucets need changing, ask anyone. Those who tell you faucets are eternal, are not honest.

Think about the future

At the moment, the hottest trend in home renovation is green and eco friendly. There are less and less resources, driving people to think about sustainable resources, eco friendly resources. Think about the environment, and the environment will repay you!

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